IDEAS covered extensively in four page article in Project Repository

We are delighted with the extensive coverage the project receives in the EU Project Repository Journal. 

The article outlines the project, describes exciting progress, even during these pressing COVID19 dominated times, as well as laying out the next steps for the project. 

A highlight from the article is the section on progress to date:

The project has made considerable progress in its first year’s work, including:

  • LDS layer optimisation, fabrication and characterisation, and optimised CPC design for different climatic regions
  • integration and characterisation of the LDS with the CPC
  • prototyping the CPC and testing the most efficient dyes for the light downshifting layers
  • investigation of enhanced heat transfer methods for heat dissipation in PV and other energy conservation in buildings
  • progressing the phase change material backings to the PV/thermal hybrid panels
  • methodology design for the matching between technologies and applications (PV/T, underfloor/wall, GHE)
  • design and installation of the thermal floor loop and the flat-panel geothermal and air-to-water heat pumps in Ferrara and the design of the smart climactic control system
  • development of the TRNSYS model to simulate the IDEAS project system
  • design of cubicle of system control unit, multi-criteria RES storage planning tool, and smart mobile app/device development for integration and DSM
  • user community engagement with desktop analysis and interviews in Italy and Ireland
  • dissemination via conference and presentation of peer-reviewed journal papers
  • discussion of the design of the API and dashboard for a smart mobile app and development of prototype of intellicIDEA and android studio
  • a public webinar on the IDEAS project to take place in the coming months
  • techno-economic analysis with cost evaluation of system and behavioural modelling.


The installation of the full prototype system in Ferrara, Italy is underway in July 2020 with a large-scale demonstration of the system to be installed in Mayo, Ireland in 2021. However, due to COVID-19, there may be a slight delay in the installation at both demonstration sites.

Participatory technology development (PTD) is critical to exploring potential users and experts’ perceptions, so community workshops and focus groups are planned in Ireland and Italy once international nonessential travel restrictions are lifted. The next IDEAS face to face meeting is in Lisbon, Portugal in late October 2020, while currently our partner cooperation is operating in a highly efficient manner via TEAMS.


Diagram Showing how the IDEAS work packages inter-relate

Diagram of the inter-relationship between work-packages and project outputs taken from the article