IDEAS Horizon 2020 Partners



Role in IDEAS


Trinity College Dublin

Project Co-ordinator, Leader WP1 (creating a novel solar electricity generation system integrating luminescent down-shifting layers and geometric compound parabolic concentrators) and Wp9 (Communication)


Luminescent downshifting layers (LDS) and luminescent solar concentrators (modelling and fabrication), CPC designs and modelling, RES integration and control, user engagement, energy behaviour changes.

Ulster University

Leader WP2 (investigating the use of phase change materials: Organic / Hydrate Salts / Solid-Solid / Molten Salts for heat storage and dissipation in the system for buildings)

Northern Ireland

BIPV thermal regulation, PCMs thermal storage, ASHP retrofit for domestic buildings and PCMs for underfloor heating/cooling. Artificial Intelligent for system optimisation

University of Ferrara

Leader WP3 (designing a multi-source heat pump system able to balance the non-synchronous thermal requirements between supply and demand, by means of PCM thermal energy storage in PV/T, floor/wall, and ground energy buffers).


Expertise in heat transfer modelling, multi-source heat pumps, ground heat exchangers, energy efficiency, thermal storage. Deep knowledge in numerical simulations and experimental measurements of the renewable energy systems.

Institute Mihailo Pupin

Leader WP4 (delivering critical system integration that will enable increased individual efficiency of deployed RES as well as the overall integrated IDEAS system)


Energy efficiency, building information modelling, integration and interoperability, and artificial intelligence, the design and implementation of IoT architecture in smart home automation for improving energy efficiency.

Extensive experience in development of SCADA systems and energy management systems, deep knowledge in system integration and interoperability, optimised energy management and automated control of diverse and distributed systems. RES/storage planning to develop the corresponding algorithm for BoS (balance of system) optimisation as well as RET models for local energy production forecast.

Mayo County Council

Leader WP5 (integrating and evaluating the lab-scale prototypes designed in WP1, WP2, WP3 & WP4 on test façades)


Installation and retrofitting of housing units for its tenants. Council housing represents about 5.5% of the county housing stock. Council supported housing, where private units are being used by state subsidised tenants, represents another 7%, 12.5% in total.

Ability to establish and facilitate effective networks / working groups, to influence and develop policy, to devise strategies and frameworks, liaise with stakeholders, enterprises and communities.  

University of Cagliari

Leader WP6 (Conducting a user-driven Participatory Technology Development analysis with focus groups to provide developers with feedbacks from potential users)


Multidisciplinary expertise and a deep experience and strong knowledge in Stated Preferences studies aiming at: i) estimating the consumers vs citizens Willingness to Pay (WTP) for improving environmental quality and adopting eco-friendly technologies; ii) identifying drivers and barriers that could support or hinder the adoption and diffusion of new technologies.

National Laboratory of Energy and Geology Portugal

Leader WP7 (Performing a Techno-Economical evaluation of the overall IDEAS concept integrated in buildings under different climatic conditions)


Synthesis of hybrid and organic materials, such as dyes, emitters for OLEDS, perovskites, titanium dioxide photocatalysts, functionalized carbon supported catalysts, and silica-immobilized chelators.

Largescale building integration of PV/T systems with TES and characterisation of CPC systems and lifetime testing.

Energy Co-operatives Ireland

Co-Leader WP8 (Dissemination: ensure the widest dissemination of the aims, progress, achievements, and future opportunities of IDEAS)


Expertise in regional and national planning, regulatory and funding bodies, facilitating the development of community organizations in the RE sector. Informing public policymakers of the impact of the regulatory environment on the sector. Provides a mentoring service to communities engaging in sustainability projects, national expert body for renewable energy co-operatives.

Power Capital

Co-Leader WP8 (Exploitation: ensuring that the outputs of the IDEAS project are taken up and extended after the end of the project)


Design and install PV systems for clients across the whole construction sector, including commercial, retail, education, agriculture and public sector. Access to clients and reference installations for the IDEAS system and markets.

Participating in most Work Packages but in particular WP 1 (Development of Luminascent PV layers) and 5 (deployment on text builidings)


Synthesis of polymers and biopolymers, resins, organic compounds, surfactants and oils. Also synthesize and modify the surface of metallic and ceramic nanoparticles, nanofibers and carbonaceous structures. Complete lab for validation of the new materials and processes, consisting of mechanical properties, chemical properties, thermal and conductive properties, fire behaviour, accelerated aging, performance of products.

Phase Change Material Products Ltd

Participating in WP 2 (Phase Change Materials) WP 3 (Heat Pump), and 5 (deployment on text builidings)


PCM technologies and applications from initial concept, research and development stages to production and distribution and manufacturing.

Portuguese Association of PV Enterprises

ASPEF will be contributing its expertise to all Work Packages


Influence the policy on PV, working close to policy makers in the sector. Provide a route to solar energy businesses and markets

LF Fasthouse

Fasthouse will be contributing to WP 5 (Demonstration) and WP 8 (Dissemination and Exploitation)


Expertise in manufacturing of composite panels/walls for domestic, multifamily and commercial buildings and structures which will help in developing the TES concept and integration of the solar technology seamlessly in the building.

APK Architects Ltd

APK will be contributing to WP 5 (Demonstration) and WP 8 (Dissemination and Exploitation)


Innovative installation and integration of single RES technologies.  Access to clients and markets.