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Tariff-based load shifting for domestic cascade heat pump with enhanced system energy efficiency and reduced wind power curtailment

Polarization-sensitive anisotropic plasmonic properties of quantum dots and Au nanorod composites

Performance improvement of vapor-injection heat pump system by employing PVT collector/evaporator for residential heating in cold climate region

Small and Large Scale Plasmonically Enhanced Luminescent Solar Concentrator for Photovoltaic Applications: Modelling, Optimisation and Sensitivity Analysis

Optimized 3D Finite-Difference-Time-Domain Algorithm to Model the Plasmonic Properties of Metal Nanoparticles with Near-Unity Accuracy

Performance Investigation of An Air Source Heat Pump for Residential Heat Supply Through PCM Underfloor Heating

PCMs integrated in radiant floor

 LTES with PCMs in radiant floor

Role of phase change materials in backfilling of flat-panels ground heat exchanger

A weather forecast-based control for the improvement of PCM enhanced radiant floors

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by | Oct 27, 2020