Optimising Heat Pump technology with the PV/PCM 2

by | Jul 23, 2019

The benefits to the building user from energy supplied by the PVT panels in both electrical and thermal form are maximised by the state of the art ground source heat exchanger panels supplimaneted by the energy efficiency effects of phase change materials.

Illustration showing how the LDS increases solar cell efficiency by bouncing back light onto the collector: layer shown in section

Radiant Floors:

The floor of the community hall in Mayo was upgraded with a heating loop connected to an Air Source heat exchanger. Thin IceTM PCMs supplied by Phase Change Materials Ltd have been co-installed with the heating loop to increase the efficiency of the radiance in an application which was devised and tested by Ulster University

Fully integrated system: Ferarra Large Scale Demonstration Building

Our Research

IDEAS: Integration and Demand-side Management 2

IDEAS is researching the optimal balance for the new integrated solar panel which will enable each PV panel to produce its own AC power (usually PV panels produce DC power which is converted into AC power which we use in our homes through a central inverter). There...

Journal Article by Colleagues at UNIFE

Our colleagues at UNIFE have published an article in the Tecnica Italiana - Italian Journal of Engineering Science on the installation of the small scale prototype. The paper presents the state-of-the-art of the ongoing IDEAS research project, funded under the Horizon...

Poster presentation – 4th International Caparica Conference on Chromogenic and Emissive Materials 2020 (on-line conference)

Download PDF version of the poster herePoster  entitled “New Tetraphenylethylene-based luminescent dyes for parabolic concentrators” presented in the 4th International Caparica Conference on Chromogenic and Emissive Materials 2020, IC3EM 2020, 16-19th November 2020...

Dr Anita Lorena Ortega’s Thesis

Our colleague DR Anita Lorena Ortega has published her PhD thesis the research behind which played a central role to the Ideas project. All her friends and colleagues at Trinity College Dublin and on Horizon2020ideas congratulate her on her fantastic achievement. Link...