Novel building Integration Designs for increased Efficiencies in Advanced climatically tunable renewable energy Systems

Innovative Technologies Improving Building Sustainability

Integrating and optimising Heat Pump technology with the PV/PCM

Novel Integration and Demand-side Management

Building for the future.

Buildings play a significant role in the global energy balance. Typically, they account for 20-30% of the total primary energy requirement of industrialized countries, 40% in EU.

Global buildings sector energy intensity fell by 1.3% per year between 2010 and 2014, thanks to continued adoption and enforcement of building energy codes and efficiency standards.

Yet progress has not been fast enough to offset growth in floor area (3% per year globally) and increasing energy demand.

Applying  integrated Renewable Energy Systems to buildings is an important application for wider integration and deployment of renewable energy and to achieving our binding EU targets of at least a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2030.

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Latest news about IDEAS

Brackloon Demonstrating Sustainability

Brackloon Demonstrating Sustainability

There's a great article in the Mayo News about the Brackloon community presentation to the Mayo climate action and biodiversity committee in the new IDEAS demo building. The subcommittee was extremely impressed by how the community have participated in the IDEAS project sustainability aims. The relationship which the project has established...

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Demonstration Event Mayo

Demonstration Event Mayo

IDEAS in association with Mayo County Council. are unveiling the demonstartor technology installation at Brackloon/Drummin Community Centre. The Centre is showcasing the projects' innovative energy efficiency and sustainability technology. The efficiency of the Centre's heating system is improved with a state of the art solar thermal and PV...

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